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#10221 - From The Multitude To The One

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“In my life and in my ministry, I said to God, in everything I must reap 100 fold.”

It is important to be aware that there are levels in Christ. Jesus did not and does not show favouritism to those who follow Him. Whether we’re talking about our present time or when He walked the earth. Jesus was, and is, accessible to all. However, that does not mean that He is easily accessible. What level you reach, how deep you go in God, is strictly dependent upon you - on your hunger. Regardless of what brings you to Christ - a need, a want, your situation - you will be welcomed by Him with open arms. But the problem occurs when you get what you’re looking for and settle at that place, or worse, leave Him afterwards instead of going further with Him. The sin is in when you decide to stay self-satisfied. 

Add this powerful sermon to your collection of God's word and experience deep and lasting transformation in every area of your life today.